What is Trauma?

What is Trauma?

Trauma can be an event or a series of traumatic events

that are repeated multiple times causing an individual to

become overwhelmed with harm, terrifying , or

overwhelmed emotions. Over the years, the definition of

psychological trauma has been included as traumatic

experiences such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, and

verbal abuse.

Traumatize people may have experienced childhood

trauma in the form of an abusive parents or loved one.

This type of abusive trauma may take the form of

demanding, verbal attacks, or it could be in the form of

physical or sexual abuse.

the type of childhood trauma docent matter what so ever,

the negative effect on the victims is deep and rooted. Just

as two people may not experience an event in the same

way, same that no two people react to a stressful,

traumatic event in the same way. While one individual may

find the ability to overcome naturally from with a traumatic

event, another may be unable to deal with the trauma by

themselves in a productive manner.

How trauma Could Influence on One’s life?

When a individual is struggle with traumatic events, he or

she will often feel alone mot understandable and will have

difficulty with recurring feelings and emotions of stress,

fear, worry and worthlessness. Trauma sufferers often

have difficulty in relationships, friendships, dating and in

dealing with emotional challenges, as well as lack of

confidence low self worthless and self esteem as well as

self love, due to the traumatic experience and feelings

associated with the trauma.

Traumatize people are chased by their memories that feel

completely real and can influent the victims to become

silent sufferers who believe that their lives are destined to

repeat past events. Experiences in a person’s life can

trigger a recurring experience of the original trauma, which

makes healing from the original trauma an extremely

important goal. Many trauma sufferers choose to deal with

their feelings alone, instead of seeking appropriate

professional treatment. These people may turn to

substance abuse to dull the feelings associated with the

trauma and the pain that comes with those feelings. It is

common for trauma survivors to also have issues with

drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or other addictions as

they attempt to cope with the original issue instead.

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