*The conscious mind -
is an aspect of the mind while we use when we're awake, it serves us for logical and analytical center limited to fiscal reality.
at birth we don’t have couscous mind . its start forming at age 6-7 while we start accusing information from our environment, based on the quality that we receive from our environment we create two program of thinking the positive and negative oriented believes in full forms

*The subconscious mind -
Is a higher level of awareness that coordinates activities related to the normal functioning of the physical body. when we are born our subconscious mind is already formed . its constantly present our entire lives and its content the large part of our inner wisdom and the information we access to - as humans.
and the second part is the fear-based believes, in order to resolve them to optimize
them, we need to change our beliefs - then we can progress and evolve those limitations by accessing the subconscious level and change the believe.

*The superconscious -

higher self-conciseness is the mind of the spirit , our internal level of countesses and unconditional love for ourselves and others it is a higher state of awareness that can be accessed by deep hypnosis state, its stores all the memories of our lives and have access to the ultimate reality, plane of existence where all souls originate, and they return after physical death, which is pure positive energy environment.