Life & Life Between Lives Regression, Age Regression, NLP, and Guided Meditation for both children and adults. They also offer business training to improve employees' abilities, while empowering them and

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The satisfaction as a hypnotherapist and NLP is to break down negative thinking patterns that affect the body's functioning and behavior to bring the patient to overcome stress, fears, depression, anger, low self-esteem, health problems: skin diseases, allergies, migraines ') Bypassing the alertness to the subconscious while working in the form of positive suggestions, connection to childhood traumas and past lives.­

Certified in Regression and Meditation Therapy by the Hypnosis Society of the United States and Europe.

"The National Guild of Hypnosis" - The Largest And Veteran Organization In The World Since 1950 '


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Past Life & Life Between Lives Regression

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